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   Here are some links to websites with information on heliconias and other Zingiberales:
An interesting site with valuable information on cultivation of gingers and other tropical plants in the temperate climate of Houston, Texas.

Harry P. Leu Gardens
Leu Gardens is located in subtropical Orlando, Florida, and has collections of heliconias, gingers and bananas.  There are good articles on growing gingers and bananas in Central Florida (look for the links on the "Horticulture" page).

Heliconia Society International
An international society dedicated the promotion of Heliconia and other members of the Zingiberales order.

Le Jardin Ombragé
Dave Skinner has a wealth of ginger information on this website, with personal observations on ginger growth and survival at his subtropical location in Florida.

Montoso Gardens
Botanical garden and exotic plant nursery in the mountains of Maricao, Puerto Rico, with over 200 different heliconias, gingers and ornamental bananas.

Vivero Anones
Tropical flower and fruit farm located in Las Marías, Puerto Rico, with an extensive collection of Zingiberales.

Zingiberales Gardens
Located in Río Grande, Puerto Rico, Zingiberales Gardens is a 20 acre botanical garden dedicated to the conservation of heliconias and other Zingiberales.  This site also has a great collection of heliconia photos from Lyon Arboretum in Oahu, Hawaii.


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