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   Heliconias are attractive tropical plants with banana-like leaves and beautiful, long lasting inflorescences composed of showy bracts which contain the true flowers.  They belong to the Heliconiaceae family, which has only one genus (Heliconia), and between 200 and 250 species. 

Heliconia humilis (Jacquin, 1804)

   Heliconias are native mostly to the Americas, but a few species are found in the South Pacific.  Heliconias may be distinguished from other members of the Zingiberales by their inverted flowers, a sterile staminode and fruits which are drupes (a hard seed surrounded by fleshy pulp).

Heliconia Species and Cultivars - A gallery of heliconia photos taken by members and friends of HSPR.

Heliconia Cultivar Registration - Register a new heliconia cultivar with the Heliconia International Cultivar Registration Authority.



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