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   The Heliconia Society International (HSI) was designated as an International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for Heliconia in 2003.  ICRAs are appointed by the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) through its Commission for Nomenclature and Cultivar Registration.

   An ICRA's purpose is to promote stability in cultivar nomenclature through the registration of cultivar names and to record and publish authoritative checklists and registers of all known cultivar names.

   A new heliconia cultivar may be discovered in the wild, appear spontaneously as a seedling or mutation in the garden, be purposely cultivated from seed, or result from plant breeding efforts.  The important thing about a new cultivar is that it should have distinct characteristics that make it distinguishable from all other cultivars.

   A new cultivar should not be a single plant, but should first be propagated to confirm that its unique characteristics are uniform and stable in all individuals.  Cultivar names should be in accordance with the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (2004).  A summary of the ICNCP rules is available at under "How to name a new cultivar".

   A new heliconia cultivar name is not considered "established" or "fixed" until it appears with a description in a dated publication.  A cultivar name which is established and named in accordance with the ICNCP rules is said to be "accepted", and should not be used again as a name for a different heliconia cultivar.  New cultivar names registered with the Heliconia ICRA will be established by publication and included in the Heliconia Cultivar Checklist and Register.

   If you would like to register a new heliconia cultivar with the Heliconia ICRA, please use one of the following forms:

Heliconia Cultivar Registration Form (Adobe pdf format) - Can be completed and sent electronically with Adobe Acrobat but not with free Adobe Reader, or can be printed and sent by regular mail.

Heliconia Cultivar Registration Form (Microsoft Word format) - Can be completed and sent electronically with Microsoft Word, or can be printed and sent by regular mail.

Cultivar registration FAQs - Frequently asked questions about heliconia cultivar registration.


Heliconia Cultivar Register - A list of all known heliconia cultivar names which are established by publication and accepted by the Heliconia ICRA.

Heliconia Cultivar Checklist and Register - A list of all known heliconia cultivar names (pdf document).



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